Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

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    While I am woefully behind in this reading, (life in general, but specifically new house and a baby on the way!) I want to provide some thoughts so far on the selection. I love this book especially for people who are wanting to get into local government because I believe it helps to dispel some of the feelings of "Imposter Syndrome" where you don't believe you can do it, and the feeling is hard to shake off. It's almost debilitating, and it's pervasive among us (this pun is 4 years late). I struggle with being comfortable asking questions, especially when I am one to think that I must show competency and understanding with different subjects. Asking questions shows an inquiry and desire to learn, and making mistakes is sometimes how we must be honest with that journey. After reading some of Dweck's Mindset, I saw myself as having a fixed mindset but being comforted that there is a way to get myself toward a growth mindset. 

    In this business of local government, I thought about how we are all about creating value for residents and citizens, and making the best use of our time and resources. We ought to always strive to be effective and efficient, and to be responsive and responsible to the public. 

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    Hi UMANTers! Professional Development has been hard at work bringing you topics and subject matter intended to help you on your budding local government career. One such opportunity is the UMANT Book Club! 

    This season, we have been reading Mindset: The New Psychology of Success and have been following along with chapters 1 and 2 in March, 3 through 6 in April, and 7 and 8 in May. 

    This forum is for you to share feedback and perspectives on what you read, so that connections can be built and can be an encouragement for those following along. 

    Questions to consider as you read:

    1. Did you find yourself thinking about your own beliefs about your skills and abilities?  Without speaking too personally, talk about how this book challenged or supported your belief about what Dweck calls the fixed or growth mindset.  Do you see yourself having a fixed or a growth mindset?

    2. Have you ever thought about the negative lesson--as described by Dweck--of The Tortoise and the Hare (p. 39-40)?  Do you agree or disagree with her interpretation?

    3. How do you think Dweck's perspective on the two mindsets relate to your work at school or at your job? 

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