Leaders Eat Last

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    1. How Does the “Circle of Safety” Concept Apply to your current workplace?
    2. How can we implement concepts from "Leaders Eat Last" in our leadership styles?
    3. List 3 Key Take-Aways from this selection that resonate with you
    4. Sinek discusses social media and how abstractions like social media can lead people to abhorrent behavior, as if they are not accountable in the virtual space (Ch 15, pg. 111-112). Should you be accountable for your behavior both on and off the clock? On social media? Why or why not? What examples have you seen of people being unprofessional on social media?
    5. How are character and culture connected? What can happen when the culture of an organization emphasizes results over character? What does your organization emphasize in its climate or culture?
    6. Sinek discusses the value of purpose and proposes that human beings thrive when they are inspired to serve others. What is your purpose in life? Why did you choose to work in a public or nonprofit capacity? How are you serving in both your private and professional life?

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